Aubrac is also characterized by its unique flavors! The volcanic and granitic predispositions of the Aubrac plateau, linked to its altitude and its geological past, favor the production of regional products remarkable taste. Discover local dishes such as Aubrac whiskey or Laguiole PDO cheese through guided tours.

gourmet tours

Culinary heritage enthusiasts will be able to discover the processes used to produce local products such as cheese or whisky. The visits are followed by tastings. To offer or take away with you, the producers offer in addition to the visit of the shop spaces.

The Twelve distillery and Aubrac whiskey

Twelve Distillery
Still Stupfler

La Twelve Craft Distillery, in business since 2014, has taken advantage of the similarity of the Aubrac plateau with the Scottish lands to create its whisky. The altitude, the bogs, and the presence of water from the boraldes crossing the plateau, characterize Aubrac Twelve whisky. Installed in theformer presbytery of Laguiole, the brasserie et distilleries are accessible to visits. Come taste and discover the trade secrets artisanal whiskey from Aubrac.

In the exceptional setting of the presbytery and the former convent, come and discover the stages of production of Aubrac Twelve whisky: Brewing, distillation and aging followed by a tasting.

The Jeune Montagne Cooperative and Laguiole AOP cheese

Le Laguiole PDO is a tasty cheese raw milk and whole of cow, pressed paste and cylindrical in shape. It reaches 45 kg and contains 45% fat.
Its origins date back to Antiquity, but it was in the 12th century, with the construction of the domery and the establishment of monks in Aubrac, that the production of this cheese developed. For centuries, Laguiole will be made in the “mazucs”, in other words the famous “burons”. Today, Laguiole is mainly produced by Young Mountain Cooperative and has benefited since 1961 from theControlled Designation of Origin (AOC) andProtected designation of origin (AOP) since 2001. These appellations thus set very demanding production conditions through strict specifications, which give it a significant quality : collection area grouping around sixty municipalities, compulsory grazing during the summer pasture period, prohibition of all silage food, traditional production with raw and whole milk, etc.

Young Mountain Cooperative
Laguiole PDO cheese

A visit to know the manufacturing secrets

A visit to discover the stages of production. A meeting with the producers to discover the farms.

A visit in 3 stages

  • Discover through a video projection, the history of the cheese industry and its players closely linked to the Aubrac region. The evolution of traditional manufacturing in the burons, up to the development of the sector with the creation of the cooperative.
  • Observe the work of the cheese makers thanks to the visit gallery which overlooks the manufacturing workshops and one of the maturing cellars.
  • Awaken your taste buds tasting different affinages de Laguiole AOP: 6 months, 12 to 24 months and Laguiole Grand Aubrac produced from summer pasture milk.

The shop will allow you to take home all the Cooperative's cheese specialties made on site (Aligot, Laguiole AOP, Fresh Tome de l’Aubrac IGP, Buronnier, Écir

Working with Laguiole cheese

the therondels cheese cooperative

Discover the Carladez raw milk cheeses. The Cooperative Fromagère de Thérondels, founded in 1946 by a group of milk producers from Carladez, offers free visits and tastings. You will be able to observe the work of the cheese makers respecting the ancestral production methods inherited from the Carladez cheese makers.
They are manufactured there Therondels, pressed cheese made from raw, whole milk with a slight nutty flavor and matured for at least 4 months and the Cantal PDO.

Young Mountain Cooperative
Tomes of Thérondels

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