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Valon, le ruisseau d’Alcuéjoul

An unusual view of the Valon site!


History and heritage, Point of view

A short but quite exceptional hike following the slopes of a wild valley at the bottom of which tumbles down a rushing stream with the Château de Valon as its "guardian angel".

Valon, the Alcuéjoul stream

Distance: 4,3 km

Max Altitude : 655m

Step 1

From the entrance to the village of Valon, return to the D 97. At the crossroads, descend to the left for 150 m to an old house. Turn right on an old path and go down to the stream. Go up to the left as far as La Fargue farm (steep path).

Step 2

At the farm, turn right (direction Rouens), continue on a level "carral" (path in the woods) overlooking the Alcuéjoul stream. Come out on a small road coming from Rouens.

Step 3

Follow it to the right as far as Gally (restored farm). Pass the creek. Go up to the D 97. Continue to the right for 350 m to the Durand farm.

Step 4

Turn left on a grassy path. Follow it on the side and reach the wooden cross at the top of the village (magnificent views of the castle, the old village, the church and the castle, the Truyère gorges, the Saut du Chien waterfall). Continue downhill to the car park.

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