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Le site de Bes-Bédène

Picturesque, unique, enjoy the site of Bes-Bédène at 360°C.


Geology, History and Heritage

Warning: despite its short distance, this hike is a difficult hike on a cramped path on the edge of the cliff including narrow passages as well as ladder crossings. It is recommended: to be equipped with good shoes (hiking shoes or trainers) / Not to venture there alone / To avoid young children and pets / To check the weather forecast and avoid rainy days (the terrain can be very slippery).

The Bes-Bédène site

Distance: 2,7 km

Max Altitude : 557m

Step 1

From the hamlet, go down to the bridge, built in the XNUMXth century, cross it and take the path on the right which rises in a wood of chestnut trees, then birches and finally, oaks and beeches. At the height of a granite chaos, the path widens, engage on the right in the path which descends a fairly steep slope in a succession of bends. Continue this marked path and cross several streams and ravines before going up to the wolf cave. 

Step 2

Then climb through the moorland of heather, broom and pretty pedunculate oaks, to arrive on the rocky ridge where the Calvary cross culminates. From there, view of the site of Bes-Bédène which is dominated by a small church and its bell tower.

Step 3

Go down the path which joins the Selves stream.

Step 4

Cross the Selves on the footbridge and go up the few steps in the hardwoods. At the clearing, pass between the vegetable gardens to find a wider path which joins the church of Bes-Bédène.

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