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La voie romaine

Cross the Pont des Pèlerins in St Chély d'Aubrac for a 2-hour hike, which takes part of the old Roman road!


History and heritage, Point of view

Departing from the village of St Chély d'Aubrac, a stage on the way to St Jacques de Compostela, this 2-hour hike, partly shaded, will allow you to follow the boralde of Saint Chély. You will alternate between passing through the forest, paths lined with dry stones on the old Roman road (Via Aggripa, which linked Toulouse and Bordeaux to Lyon, via Aubrac) and viewpoints over the village and the Boralde.

The Roman road

Distance: 8,5 km

Max Altitude : 1109 m

Step 1

Departure from the town hall square of Saint-Chély-d'Aubrac. Take the street alongside the school on the left and go down towards the Pont des Pèlerins (red and white GR65 markings).

Pont des pèlerins Saint-Chély-d'Aubrac
Eglise de Saint-Chély-d'Aubrac

Step 2

At the height of the cemetery, junction of the GR65 and the GR6, turn left on the GR6, cross the road D 19 and take the narrow path opposite which sometimes gives way to a paved path. Climb up to reach the “Verminière” farm.

Step 3

Immediately after the farm, turn right and go up through the beech woods on a magnificent paved path. Cross a private property (watch out for herds), carefully follow the markings and find the path straight ahead, which between the low walls, leads you to the village of Enfrux.

Step 4

At the entrance to the village, immediately after the fountain, leave the GR6 which branches off to the left, and continue straight, turn right and take a wide grassy path.

Step 5

Reach a crossroads, continue to the right on the Roman road for 1,5 km. Arrive at a new crossroads, turn right and join the road that goes from Aubiac to Tabournels. Follow it for 25 m and turn left at a right angle.

Step 6

Continue for 500 m, arrive at a crossroads, take a path on the right which runs along a meadow. Arrive at a barn, go down the sunken lane lined with hazelnut trees and turn left, into the copses. Go down to the D19 following the markings.

Step 7

Join the GR65, go up the road on the left for a few meters, and take the path on the right. Pass above the cemetery, find the Pilgrims' Bridge and go up towards the village.

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