Come and enjoy a moment of calm and partage around a good meal wilderness at our picnic areas. At Waterside, surrounded by nature, with view or near a playground, here is a selection of ideas for places to share good times with family or friends.

ON Money

  • Le Couderc, picnic tables, games for children at Alps
  • Burons lake and Brieu in Canton
  • The fairground of Lacalm
  • On the banks of the Argence in Orlhaguet
  • The Vignotte lake (tables and barbecue) and the Sarrans belvedere in Sainte-Geneviève-sur-Argence
  • the Courderc to Vines

on the carladez

  • By the river at La Prade in Bromat
  • At the Fage lake in Lacroix-Barrez (source and barbecue)
  • In the Parc de la Corette or around the church of Saint Thomas of Canterbury with a beautiful panorama of the Monastery of Saint Claire, of the Plomb du Cantal and the glacial valley of the Bromme or on the esplanade of the castle in Mur-de-Barrez
  • On the path of the imaginary "De Feu et de Vent", (about 20 minutes after having taken the path) after having met Blaise the Dragon, you arrive in a clearing shaded by pines, "L'air Marine" at Murols
  • In the heart of the village of Taussac
  • On the Place des Tilleuls in Therondels
  • At the water's edge of Sarrans lake, in the meadow on the tip of the peninsula in Laussac
  • On the outskirts of the Château de Valon, a remarkable site in the heart of the Gorges de la Truyère or a stone's throw from the village square or in the garden which provides access to the château from Light

around the village of laguiole

  • On the Esplanade des Cognes (tables and games for children) at Cassuejouls
  • In the forest of Devez, several picnic tables (close to access to the forest along the paths)
  • On the esplanade of the fort, on the place du Taureau and at the Bouyssou ski resort in Laguiole
  • Around Lac des Galens in Soulages-Bonneval (3 areas including one with games for children)

Take advantage of the landscaped spaces.

near aubrac

  • On the village square, in Lasbros or in Viala at Condom d'Aubrac
  • At the entrance to the village of Saint-Chély-d'Aubrac or in Bonnefon
  • At the entrance to the village of Ségales arriving by Saint-Côme-d'Olt or on the church square

in viaden

To enjoy the breathtaking views of the Truyère gorges and unspoiled natural areas.

  • At the playgrounds of Campouriez or Volonzac
  • On the shores of Lake Saint-Gervais in Saint-Symphorien-de-Thenieres
  • On the site of Bes-Bedene, rocky outcrop overlooking the gorges, breathtaking view
  • Lauradiol at Campoured
  • At the bowling alley or in front of the church of Florentin-la-Capelle
  • At the playgroundHuparlac
  • At the Pic du Castel or on the Laux botanical trail in Montezic
  • At the Sangayrac lake or on the shores of the Selves lake (drowned road) at Saint-Amans-des-Côts

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