Our territory is known for the beauty of its landscapes, for its strong traditions, for its exceptional craftsmanship, but it would be nothing without its rich and varied gastronomy. Coming from agriculture or taken directly from what the surrounding nature brings us, our local products will awaken your taste buds and make you discover what makes the identity of our territory and our terroir. Here is a small classification, not exhaustive of course, of the main specialties that you can taste on the spot, the opportunity to make your mouth water.

Aligot de l'Aubrac


Aligot and Truffade

They are the undisputed stars of our plates. L'aligoth and truffle de l'Aubrac are two emblematic dishes of the territory based on potatoes and fresh tome from Aubrac IGP.


Laguiole PDO cheese
Young Mountain Cooperative



Agriculture is also geared towards the production of milk for the manufacture of many cheeses. Laguiole AOP is the best known, but Thérondels, Ecir, tomes or fresh cheeses will delight you.

Aubrac cheeses

Aubrac meat
Hotel-Restaurant L'Aubrac


The meat

Cow breeding is one of the most important economic activities of the territory. Many quality labels ensure a unique taste to the meat produced. North Aveyron is also a territory of delicatessen, ideal to enjoy during your aperitifs.

Aubrac meat

Aubrac tea
Michael Raynal


Aubrac tea

Aubrac tea is a small plant known for its digestive properties. Dried, it is used as an infusion, but its scent of lemon balm and mint is also very popular in desserts, aperitifs, ice creams or even chocolates.

Spit cake
J. Tomaselli – Aveyron Tourism


Gourmet desserts

Fouace, pie with the tome of the Carladez, prune rissoles, many local specialties are sweet. You can also taste the cake on the spit. It is a cone-shaped cake, cooked over a wood fire.


Gentian of Aubrac
Severine Dijols Valenq


Gentian aperitifs

Another delicacy of our mountains is thegentian alcohol. This yellow plant, which grows on pastures, is used to make very aromatic aperitifs or liqueurs. It's here the root gentian which is used and not the flowers.

Tripous from Aveyron
Pierre Soissons


The tripous

From the almost complete stuffed belly, here is a dish that could repel more than one, but which is very popular with us. Tripous are traditionally eaten in Breakfast, especially during village festivals.

The tripous

Farçous Aveyron
Mr. Hennessy – Aveyron Tourism


The farçous

The farçous are little donuts with chard and parsley. It is a delight as an aperitif. Each family has its own recipe, which is passed down from generation in generation.


Aveyron cheese soup
Mr. Hennessy Aveyron Tourism


The cheese soup

More solid than liquid, cheese soup is a mixture of onion, bread and cheese. This friendly dish will keep you warm during the long winter months. The cheese soup is best eaten the aftermath of a party or wedding

The cheese soup

Aubrac whiskey
Tourism in Aubrac


Aubrac whiskey

An air of Scotland floats over Laguiole. Our two territories are very similar in the composition of soils and landscapes. It is quite naturally that the Twelve distillery settled in the buildings of theformer presbytery in Laguiole to make a high quality local whiskey.

Visits to cheese factories and distilleries

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