Le North Aveyron full of scenery all as different as each other: promontorys on the Truyère gorges, in the viewpoints on the high Aubrac plateau, passing through the orientation tables overlooking the meadows and rolling landscapes, the panoramas do not miss. With this selection of the most beautiful views, discover the most beautiful landscapes of the Aubrac Regional Natural Park.

Aurore Jonckheere


The Fajol promontory

The Fajol promontory is a wooden belvedere majestically overlooking the Truyère and offering a breathtaking view of the hamlet of Izaguette on the other side of the gorges.

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Roussillon puech

The Puech du Roussillon is a sensational summit at 1m above the ski slopes of the Bouyssou resort. In winter, when the landscape puts on its white coat, you can access this 404°C panorama on snowshoes.

Truyère gorges dam
André Meravilles


The belvedere of the Sarrans dam

The Sarrans belvedere is a space developed by EDF overlooking the 8th highest dam in France. It is an open-air information space offering a magnificent view of this symbol of the hydroelectric industry.

André Meravilles


The remains of the Château de Thénières

The Château de Thénières is a XNUMXth century castle with a circular keep. Its ruins offer a panoramic view of the Viadène plateau.

Aurore Jonckheere


The Chapel of Montpeyroux

The chapel of Montpeyroux is the ideal place to watch the sunset and enjoy the panorama over the Aubraciennes lands. It is a footpath made of crosses which leads to the chapel and its 3 m high stone statue.

André Meravilles


The belvedere of Rouens

The belvedere of Rouens is a furnished balcony overlooking the northern slope of the castle of Valon. It is a breathtaking panorama above the Truyère gorges.

André Meravilles


Castel peak

The Pic du Castel offers a 360°C view of the Montézic reservoir, the Saint-Gervais lake and the Château de Valon. At the top, there is an orientation table and a large cross.

Roofs Mur-de-Barrez
André Meravilles


The castle esplanade, Mur-de-Barrez

The esplanade of the old fortified castle of Mur-de-Barrez allows you to gain height over the village. A superb panorama over the rooftops of Mur-de-Barrez and the Cantal mountains on the other side. Small iron statues adorn the path that passes between the stone houses.

André Meravilles


Puy de Montabès

The puy or puech of Montabès is an observatory recognizable by its tree dominating the hill. A viewpoint accessible on foot, leading to two orientation tables and offering a view of the rocky outcrop of Bes-Bédène.

Laguiole viewpoint
André Meravilles


The esplanade of the fort, Laguiole

The esplanade of the old fort of Laguiole allows you to gain height on the roofs of the village, as well as on the surrounding nature. An orientation table is located just in front of the church and picnic tables are available at the back of the building.

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