Country house perched at 1 meters above sea level, in the heart of the Aubrac Regional Nature Park, the Maison de l'Aubrac welcomes you from April to November. Come and discover the history of the Aubrac plateau, survey the spaces ofexhibitions, taste a local sandwich, admire the view from the terrace, bring back a souvenir from space grocery-bookstore, or simply come and learn about the territory and the history of the plateau. 

A Country House

Located at the small village of Aubrac (municipality belonging to Saint-Chély-d'Aubrac), in the heart of a breathtaking landscape in northern Aveyron, this unique space aims to promote the history of Aubrac, its cultural heritage., to gastronomy, Its traditions and its riches. Its location, at the meeting of three departments (Aveyron, Cantal and Lozère) and within the Regional Natural Park of Aubrac, makes it an atypical place where people come both to learn about the local heritage and to discover land there and visit the different themed spaces.  

An exhibition space

House of Aubrac
Aubrac House exhibition

Free access, come and discover the permanent museum space, as well as the temporary exhibitions throughout the season: paintings, watercolours, photographs, drawings...

The cultural season

Through permanent, annual and temporary exhibitions, Aubrac will be told to you. While strolling in this place, discover the elements of Aubrac traditions: the Laguiole knife, Laguiole AOP cheese, aligot, Aubrac plants, burons and the history of Aubrac in general. Find the complete program of conferences, exhibitions and highlights on the Maison de l'Aubrac website or in the reception desks of the Tourist Offices.

A place of tourist and educational information

A tourist information point will allow you to discover the sites of visits, hiking trails, places of escapades and service providers in the territory.

This place, also conducive to discovery, offers times for discussions, conferences, evenings, thematic walks around the environment, landscape, biodiversity and heritage.

André Meravilles
Aubrac Botanical Garden

The Aubrac Botanical Garden

Adjoining the House, it lists a wide variety of endemic plants from the plateau, which has an immensely rich and varied flora. From mid-May to the end of September, the garden organizers offer guided tours as well as workshops on the biodiversity of Aubrac (workshops on edible plants, rock plants, Aubrac tea, fragrant plants and breeding... ) as well as astronomy and botany evenings. Find the program of activities of the Botanical Garden of Aubrac.

A local bookstore and grocery store

House of Aubrac

The Maison de l'Aubrac acts as a showcase for the Aubrac terroir, so you will find in the grocery area local produce : Aubrac tea, charcuterie, cheese, aligot, gentian, artisanal beers and lemonades, but also Laguiole knives and documentation: numerous books of photographs or on the history of Aubrac and the Chemin de Saint-Jacques-de - Compostela as well as multiple memories.

A gourmet bar

Salty or sweet, the sandwiches prepared by Michel Bras and created from local products will delight you at gourmet bar, while enjoying the beautiful view from the terrace.

Come and discover this multiple space in the heart of a preserved landscape and nature.

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