As you stroll through the streets of the village of Laguiole, you will inevitably notice the presence of several cutlery shops. This is particularly the case in the main alley, the Allée de l'Amicale, which includes most of the knife shops. Did you know that it is also possible to visit the manufacturing workshops? Located either in the extension of the shops, or outside the village, the cutlers open their doors to you. A very interesting visit to discover the different stages of manufacture of the Laguiole knife and its different trades.

Visit the Laguiole cutlery workshops

The cutlery business in Laguiole is a living and dynamic reality. The many workshops and shops in the village are proof of this. Love of a job well done, tradition, openness to the future and modernity are the watchwords of the cutler manufacturers who welcome you and show you their know-how.

Find in this section the list of Laguiole cutlery shops which allow you to visit their workshops. Some even offer courses to make your own knife. Feel free to contact them.

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Workshop, Internship

Cutlery “Chambon à Laguiole”

Workshop, Internship

Coignet cutlery

Workshop, Internship

The Laguiole Knife

Workshop, Internship

Forge of Laguiole

Workshop, Internship

Cutlery & Forge Honoré Durand

Brown Cutlery

Workshop, Internship

The House of Laguiole

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Workshop visits are free, they take place all year round, several cutlery shops offer them with several different times during the day. A word of advice, even if some cutlery shops offer visits at the weekend, it is better to visit the workshops during the week, if you have the choice, because there are more cutlery.

Laguiole knife workshop visit

Did you know?

Some Laguiole companies are labeled Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant. It is a mark of recognition by the State, set up to distinguish French companies and industrial and artisanal know-how of excellence.

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