Laguiole. This name is surely familiar to you. Name of a world famous knife, but also a cheese very popular, it is above all the name of a village in theAveyron, in the heart of the plateau ofAubrac. During your holidays, come and take a tour of the old quarter at the foot of the stone houses, before visiting the businesses that bring the plateau to life. To stretch your legs at the end of the day, nothing better than a short refreshing walk along the water's edge.

Visit the village of Laguiole

The village of Laguiole can be discovered by walking its narrow streets, looking up at its slate roofs, taking the time to discover the little secrets that the capital of the Laguiole knife contains.

Discover while having fun

For the youngest, visit the village differently. Discover the secrets of Laguiole in a fun way thanks to a digital journey. With the app Baludik, find clues, solve puzzles to learn more about the life of the territory and its heritage. This course, lasting1 time approximately immerses you through scripted journeys into the history of the place. “Help Max reconstruct the memories of his grandfather Jeannou."

Download the Baludik application on your smartphone, then find using the interactive map “Max and Jeannou's Memoirs” and go with your family in complete autonomy to the heart of a story in which you are the actors.

Take the height

André Meravilles
Church of Laguiole

The first thing you see when you arrive in Laguiole is theSt. Matthew's Church dating from the XNUMXth century. Perched at the top of the old village, it was built on the site of an old castle. Its location is still called today the strong. Inside, theorgan was installed in June 2011. It can accommodate fifteen sets, or 750 pipes.

B. Colomb – Lozère Sauvage for PACT Aubrac

The esplanade of the fort

A exceptional view waiting for you and a orientation table guide your gaze. Admire the roofs of Laguiole, dressed in bluish-gray slates, extracted locally.

Going down, you can admire the old stone houses, typical of the region. You will pass in front of the old seminary, a large volcanic stone house, where 170 students were welcomed, 80 of whom were boarders. A detail to spot: the door carved in basalt is actually the portal of the old chapel. At the corner of the building, the historiated cross, sculpted on both sides is classified. Today the building houses the Twelve whiskey distillery who visits. Don't hesitate to go to the Twelve shop to book a visit to the distillery.

Curiosity of Laguiole, rue Bombecul

This street was the main street of Barry which went down from the church and joined the road of Entraygues. You can easily imagine the position you have to take to climb it and the risks of slipping, especially in winter.

 The street where knives were born

Another emblematic street of Laguiole is the rue du Valat. Until the XNUMXth century, it was a ditch called "lou bolat" in Langue d'Oc, which limited the old medieval village. In the XNUMXth century, it was the main street of the village of Laguiole. This is where many have settled cutlers, thus developing the cutlery business which later made the city famous. Come and discover all the secrets of Laguiole knives by pushing the door of our workshops.

Rue du Valat Laguiole

The fairground: the heart of the village

Fairground Laguiole

La fairground square was once the place where important livestock fairs were organized. Today, cattle are exhibited in the Place du nouveau fairground, especially during Aubrac breed competition and the festival of Fat Easter Oxen. The old fairground is still alive, with many events organized and the market held every Saturday morning. What makes it unavoidable, however, is the statue of the Laguiole bull which sits in its center since 1947, emblem of the village of Laguiole.

Nicolai Greschny's frescoes

André Meravilles
Laguiole chapel fresco

Near the place du fairground, the Sainte-Therese chapel houses a crypt where you can discover the fresco by Nicolai Greschny. This fresco painter of Estonian origin has produced several works on the walls of churches in the South-West of France.

Refreshing walks near the city

Once you have visited Laguiole, take a few minutes' walk away and take the paths to cool off near the water points.

Pigasse Bridge

The Pont de Pigasse is a structure built frombasalt organs stacked and crossed, all without mortar. It spans the Selves on the route of a old roman road. However, it would only be Roman in name. The latter would be a deformation of the word “romiu” which means in patois the pilgrim. It is the witness of one of the variants of the way of Saint-Jacques-de-Compostelle

Pigasse Laguiole Bridge

Oules Waterfall

This small waterfall is located in below the village of Laguiole. A circular hiking trail has been laid out to discover it (3,5 km, 1h15). Its name “Oules” means pot in Occitan. It was given to him because of the shape of rocks hollowed out by water.

What to do in Laguiole?

You have just visited the village of Laguiole, you have discovered its narrow streets and its houses, you have strolled on the surrounding paths. Now you wonder what to do? Several choices are available to you.

André Meravilles
Village of Laguiole
  • Want to know everything about Laguiole knives ? Go visit one of our cutlery workshops, the fly and the bee will have no more secrets for you. A private museum exhibits a collection of sharp objects to complete your discovery of the world of cutlery in Laguiole.
  • You are rather attracted by the gastronomy ? The Young Mountain Cheese Cooperative de Laguiole opens its doors to show you the different stages of making Laguiole AOP cheese. A tasting awaits you at the end.
  • You want more and you love the unusual ? Why not dive into the heart of the whiskey making laguiolais, by going to taste the exceptional products of the Twelve distillery.
  • If you have craving for nature, you can take one of the six hiking trails starting from the village.

To please yourself

To complete your tourist trip in the heart of the capital of Aubrac, push the doors of our traders and our restaurateurs.

Bring a little piece of Aubrac with you

So as not to forget your visit to Laguiole, what better than to take away a souvenir. For the greediest, you will find in our shops all the specialties that you will have tasted during your stay. It's a great way to share your vacation with loved ones. You can also find handicrafts and local products, such as must-have knives, jewelry and interior decoration.

The unusual point – Laguiole or Laïole? short pronunciation lesson

The name of the village of Laguiole comes from its history. Originally it was just a small chapel second class, dependent on the parish of Alcorn. In the XNUMXth century, the little church was said to be The Gleisola. In the XNUMXth century, Laguiole became the main church. Its pronunciation Laiole, comes to us from the patois of our ancestors. You now know how to pronounce the name of the village of Laguiole and where it comes from.

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