In Aubrac, water is omnipresent. Waterfalls, lakes and rivers meander between pastures and granite rocks or in the shade of foliage and give our landscapes such a particular aesthetic. Whether for the beauty of the views, to practice sports or to fish, the lakes of the territory will make you experience unforgettable emotions.

Lost in the middle of the mountain

André Meravilles
Aubrac monks lake

Monk Lake

The Lac des Moines, nestled in the heart of the pastures, offers a splendid view on the village of Aubrac, culminating at 1 meters above sea level. This place is conducive to calm and contemplative, perfect photo spot to capture the changing colors of Aubrac.

Did you know?

This artificial reservoir was built to control the flow of the Boralde de Saint-Chély. The capacity of the water body is 1 m260.
Please note that this lake is not a lake for swimming, but simply for contemplation. This is a place to preserve.

The road of the lakes

One of the most beautiful roads on the Aubrac plateau is the road to the lakes in Lozère. From Nasbinals to the Col de Bonnecombe, cross the immensity of desert pastures, dotted here and there with glacial lakes. You will certainly be amazed by these landscapes so typical of our region. These lakes are often surrounded by wetlands and on private property, so inaccessible on foot. Nevertheless, these are the most beautiful photo spots on the set! To discover them at best, go for a road-trip in the heart of Aubrac.

Vacha Lac Aubrac

Dam lakes

Sarrans lake

35 kilometers long and 100 meters deep, Sarrans lake extends over approximately 1 hectares, making it the eighth largest artificial lake French. Located in the Truyère valley, it is one of 15 EDF hydroelectric production sites that make up the Lot-Truyère development chain (10% of EDF's hydroelectric power in France).

The lake is a real spot known to lovers of predator fishing. It promises you a great time with family or friends, whether on the lake or on the shore from the many pontoons.
For the less sporty, Sarrans lake is also a very nice spot for swimming. On the Laussac peninsula, lazing on the beaches and renting boats for a trip on the lake are perfect for spending a good time relaxing.

André Meravilles
Laussac Aubrac peninsula

Saint-Gervais Lake

The lake of Saint-Gervais, with an area of ​​16 hectares, is very easy to access. In fashion promenade, you can go around it in an hour (about 3 km) and enjoy the calm of the site, before going to the beach for a refreshing dip. In July and August, the bathing is monitored. To the water sports you can rent pedal boats, paddles, canoes, windsurfers.

Part of the lake 10 meters deep, classified as 2nd category is reserved for fishing. Many posts are set up all around Saint-Gervais. You can go there to tease the predators and hope to leave with a perch or a zander and sometimes even a pike.

Lake of Saint-Gervais Aubrac
André Meravilles
Lake Selves Viadène

The lake of the selves or lake of maury

In the commune of Montpeyroux, Lac de Maury is a large lake covering 167 hectares. At the confluence of the Selves and the Selvet, it is formed by a dam on the Selves. Its walls are sometimes very steep, due to its maximum depth of 45 meters.
Near the Tours campsite, Lac de la Selves offers many water activities: bathing (access to the lake by the campsites), water park very playful, rental of pedal boats, canoes, paddles.

A 2nd category lake, the Lac de Maury is renowned for its carp, perch and zander. Easily accessible from many points, it is a boat, departing from one of the piers, that it will be most pleasant for you to browse it. Be careful though, temporary reserve areas are set up in the spring and all fishing is prohibited there, day and night.

Lake Montézic

Its operation is based on the transfer of water between the Couesque and Montézic reservoirs causing high daily tidal ranges (more or less eight meters).
Covering an area of ​​250 hectares, it is fed by the Plane stream. It is a lake fishing 2nd category.

EDF – Pierre Soissons
Montézic dam and lake

Couesques Lake

Fishing lake, Lac de Couesques is a very long gorge lake. Covering an area of ​​65 hectares, it can reach 50 meters deep. It is subject to very strong daily tidal ranges (more or less 5 meters).

André Meravilles


This fishing lake, particular by the absence of access to fish from the edge, will seduce you with its calm during boat fishing sessions (beware of the strong tidal range). Perch, zander and pike populate the bottom, which is sometimes very crowded.

André Meravilles
Lac des Galens Aubrac

Galens Lake

10 minutes from Laguiole, Lac des Galens can be discovered in all seasons. The shaded picnic areas all around the lake, as well as the 6 kilometer hiking trail, promise you a moment of perfect calm. From the banks, you can also indulge in fishing.

The summer, the bathing is supervised with small and large baths, water games for children and teenagers, pedal boat and canoe rentals.

Caution : hydroelectric dam with water level fluctuation.

Small lakes and bodies of water

Picades lake

At the Brameloup ski resort, Lac des Picades is a small paradise at 1 meters above sea level, surrounded by a forest of beech and fir trees. Picnic tables await you for a day where everyone will find something to recharge their batteries: promenade, nap by the lake or fishing trout for all, children and adults, experienced and novices.

Lake Picades Aubrac

The Cantoin lake

Below the village of Cantoin, facing the burons, a charming body of water offers you a refreshing break. Tables of picnic will allow the older ones to rest in the shade of its large fir trees, while the little ones will enjoy theplayground.

Here you can to fish, from the second Saturday in March to the third Sunday in September, to try your luck with roach, carp and trout (regular releases by the AAPPMA of Argences en Aubrac/Cantoin).

Cecile Remond
Cantoin lake

Did you know?

Originally the burons of Cantoin were mountain shelters. They have been dismantled and rebuilt identically, in order to offer you charming and comfortable tourist accommodation.

The lakes of Sainte-Geneviève-sur-Argence

At the confluence of the two Argences, the Argence Vive and the Argence Morte, the two successive lakes of Sainte-Geneviève-sur-Argence welcome you for a day of relaxation. The “Duck Pond”, below the weir, is the ideal place for young apprentice trout fishermen.

André Meravilles
Sainte-Genevieve lake

At the Vignotte lake, everyone will find an activity that will satisfy them. For fishermen, the many accesses to the bank and the regular releases of trout will ensure you a pleasant fishing trip.

For those who want to move, the nautical base will allow you to cross the lake by canoe, kayak, pedal boat, paddle, bike on the water, but also to rent electric mountain bikes for half a day, or to practice disc golf, slackline and trampoline.

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