This month, we wanted to interview you, you who walk our trails, and more particularly the GR®65 which crosses Aubrac. So here is the presentation of Marie, Etienne, Thadée and Florence met during their journey to Saint-Chély-d'Aubrac in July.

Hello everyone ! There's a lot of you !
Yes, we are a group of 11 people: 5 adults and 6 children, between 8 and 10 years old.

Can you tell us where you are from? Is there a Camino de Santiago that passes through your area?
We are from Bordeaux in Gironde, and indeed a Way of Saint-Jacques passes through the city, and even in our street! This is the Tours route, but we really wanted to take the Via Podiensis – the Puy en Velay route – it seems that the landscapes are very beautiful.

How long do you plan to walk?
We left our home this morning, traveled and completed our first stage of the day. We walk from Aubrac today, for 7 days.

Have you encountered any problems since your departure?
No sores so far, the weather is nice, everything is fine!

What were your motivations?
We wanted to take a vacation, see beauty, exercise, get away from the city, but doing the Way of Saint-Jacques was also a dream. We really wanted to have an experience together as family and friends, spiritual and communal.

So precisely, how did you find out about the GR® 65?
Members of our family who have traveled the Via Podiensis have shown us the Aubrac-Conques section, so good that we said to ourselves: you absolutely have to go there! We were looking for a section adapted to the small steps of children and non-walkers.

Did you expect this?
Not at all, it's much better than anything we could imagine! The landscapes are really beautiful with lots of flowers, it feels like spring when we are in the middle of July. We are not disappointed!

Do you carry your bags?
Yes ! Everyone carries their backpack, even the children. That of adults weighs between 8 and 10 kilos and for children about 4 kilos.

How did you organize yourselves?
We booked all the accommodations in advance, especially since we were 11. It was essential to be sure to have a roof in the evening when we arrived. We sleep every night in a stopover lodge.

One last word ?
It is an incredible, unforgettable adventure. The welcome is very friendly, for the few people we have met so far, nothing to complain about, everything is ideal.

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