The Aubrac regional natural park is a preserved natural setting where each moment reveals a new treasure. Hikes, gastronomic discoveries, and encounters with exceptional fauna and flora await you. Here is a top 5 set essentials. Immerse yourself in this unique experience and let yourself be captivated by the raw beauty of Aubrac.

Aubrac monks lake
©B. Colomb – Lozère Sauvage for PACT Aubrac


The monks' lake

One of the most beautiful lakes in Aveyron is nestled in the heart of the Aubrac pastures. Near the way of Saint-Jacques-de-Compostelle, this magical place in all seasons will enchant you.

The lakes

Tower of Monaco Wall of Barrez Carladez
André Meravilles


Mur-de-Barrez: the medieval city with many riches

Chief town of carladez, this medieval village with a rich heritage overlooks the Truyère gorges. You will be surprised to learn of its close link with the Principality of Monaco. For a fun visit, download the application Baludik.


Restaurant Bras Laguiole
JL Bellurget


Restaurant Bras in Laguiole

On the Aubrac, a restaurant does not go unnoticed. Perched on the heights of the Aubrac plateau, the Bras family is among the best chefs in the world. Attached to his land and its richness, he has made Aubrac a culinary specialty. Of the flowers of Aubrac at Aligot, their gastronomic cooking high-flying will take you to unique lands.

Bras in Laguiole

Via Ferrata Truyère
Drone Aveyron Service


The vertiginous walls of the Truyère gorges

The best way to discover the Truyère gorges, secret and wild, is to admire them from above. From the sector ofArgence, explore our via ferrata or our natural climbing walls. Sensations guaranteed for a unique point of view, only shared by a few birds.

Vertical and aerial activities

Dog Leap Waterfall
©B. Colomb – Lozère Sauvage for Tourism in Aubrac


The dog jumping waterfall

Go for a hike in the heart of the Aubrac regional natural park discovering a dizzying waterfall. Nestled in the Truyère gorges, a promontory will allow you to admire the waterfall which faces the magnificent village of Valon and its fortified castle.

The Leap of the Dog

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