Sortie naturaliste : Flore et paysage à Aubrac

Wednesday July 24
Sciences Nath' en Aubrac 12470 St-Chély-d'Aubrac
Naturalist outing to discover the flora and landscapes in Aubrac

Naturalist outing: Flora and landscape in Aubrac

Departing from the village of Aubrac, along the historic Moulin draille, which connected the Monastery Hospital of the Dômerie d'Aubrac to its barn at Bonnefon (commune of St Chély d'Aubrac): discovering the flora, of the geology, history and breeding of the Aubrac plateau.

Be in good physical condition

Essential walking shoes 

Number of km: 4 km

Elevation: 100 m

Duration: about 3 hour

Meet in the village of Aubrac, in the parking lot near the Aubrac buron.

Departure 9am.

By registration by email: sciencesnathenaubrac@gmail.com or by telephone 07 88 10 81 19


  • Hiking
  • environment, nature


Opening hours on July 24, 2024
Opening hours on August 21, 2024
Opening hours on August 28, 2024


Individual adult
20 €-

Payment methods

  • Cheque
  • Cash

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Sciences Nath' en Aubrac
12470 St-Chély-d’Aubrac
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