Exposition dessin au pastel : Terre en ciel, à Aubrac

Monday May 20
village of Aubrac 12470 St-Chély-d'Aubrac
Exhibition at the Maison de l'Aubrac

Bernadette Robert

Pastel drawing

My view of Aubrac

“A resident of the town of St–Chély–d'Aubrac, my house is located on the road to St–Jacques–de–Compostelle, between Aubrac and St–Chély. I have the strong feeling of being present and vibrant, with this earth, a piece of the universe. I always marvel at the wild immensity of Aubrac, its changing light. I wanted to continue the dialogue with this country through drawing. In silence, with patience, for several years, I have been drawing the fault in the horizon line, the strong presence of the distant plateau, with pastels, only with my fingertips. I particularly paint this point of infinity, this passage from earth to sky, where the earth intertwines with the sky, where the sky embraces the earth. All of these twelve pastels presented in the exhibition are entitled “Terre-en-Ciel”, they follow the cycle of the seasons. Drawing like this allows me to understand the passing of time, in me too… and to get to the point. I try to capture the irruption of light in the clouds which transforms everything, the nuanced colors of the landscape over the months.

This contributes to fueling tireless poetic contemplation and my spiritual aspirations. These drawings are anchored in my experience and my questioning of the invisible, the divine, the beyond... Well rooted, I continue my path and the sky continues to pour its mysterious fullness onto the earth. »


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Opening hours from April 24 to May 26, 2024



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village of Aubrac
12470 St-Chély-d’Aubrac
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