Cinéma "Pourquoi tu souris?"

Friday August 02
Salle Bertrand Tavernier Salle Bertrand Tavernier 1 bis, rue de la Parro 12600 Mur-de-Barrez
Comedy by Christine Paillard, Chad Chenouga with Jean-Pascal Zadi, Emmanuelle Devos, Raphaël Quenard. Duration: 1h35min

Wisi is in trouble. He arrives in Bordeaux in the hope of finding a job and crosses paths with Marina, a humanitarian with a big heart. To get accommodation with her, he pretends to be undocumented.

One evening, he meets Jérôme, himself on the street after the death of his mother. Despite his racist remarks and his strange phobia of exercise, Wisi agrees to hide him for a night at Marina's house.

But smelling a good plan, Jérôme is determined to get involved. Especially since he discovered Wisi’s scheme to coax Marina…


  • Cinema


Opening hours on August 02, 2024
A 20h30


Individual adult
6 €-
Individual child
4 €-
Individual adult – subscription (10 sessions)
50 €-
Individual child – subscription (10 sessions)
30 €-

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Bertrand Tavernier room
Bertrand Tavernier room
1 bis, rue de la Parro
12600 Mur-de-Barrez
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