The Aubrac plateau is punctuated by its different seasons, and the seasons punctuate the major events on the plateau. Linked to our traditions, our identity and our values, come and share moments of conviviality with the inhabitants of the territory.

09 March 10 March 2024

Easter Fatted Ox Festival

The month of March is marked by the Easter Boeufs Gras festival, where the Aubrac meat sector is promoted in the village of Laguiole. For lovers of tradition, this festival will familiarize you with the animal sales that traditionally take place at the fairground. Come and enjoy the folk parade in the streets of the village, take…
Le 16 March 2024

Traces of cheese

The winter meeting place for gourmets on the Aubrac plateau takes place in March. Follow in the footsteps of Laguiole AOP cheese and Aubrac aligot during a cross-country skiing, snowshoeing or walking tour, to the rhythm of conviviality, discovery of the local heritage and gastronomy, the all in…
Le 26 May 2024

Transhumance in Aubrac

The appointment is given each year around May 25: the breeders bring their herds up to the mountain pastures and the visitors accompany them. This gives rise to a festive day, high in color and music, which celebrates the arrival of sunny days and the freedom of our beautiful cows! Program 2024 Transhumance…
Le 06 October 2024

The davalada

It is in October, when we approach Saint-Géraud and the cows leave the mountains to find their stables, that the Davalada takes place. Symbolizing this return of the cows from the mountain pastures, La Davalada follows paths and drailles, in the heart of the magnificent landscapes of Aubrac, already adorned with their golden colors. A hike for…
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