The Aubrac plateau has many rivers, lakes and wetlands. In total, one kilometer of watercourse per square kilometer, which makes it a gigantic water tower. This water has various uses, among which, the hydrotherapy. Come and recharge your batteries and relax in our various institutions of well-being.

Aubrac thermal spas

The ancient volcanic activity of the Aubrac plateau leaves us with a rich mineral heritage. It is made up of different layers of rock which give the water of Aubrac exceptional mineral properties. Many sources to relaxing and healing properties contributed to the development of spa resorts. Places of relaxation and well-being, spa guests benefit from a natural decor to enjoy an exceptional moment through sauna, hammam, jacuzzis, hydro-massage jets, and many others.

Pamper yourself and have fun

In addition to the spas, it is also possible to take care of yourself with different structures based on the territory in institute or at home. They offer body, face, foot and hand treatments, massage rituals, hammam, but also activities for have fun and relax.

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